For most people, the sky’s the limit.  For others of us, we won’t stop at least until we put something in Low Earth Orbit (LEO) or beyond.  I fall into that latter category.  A mystical fascination with high explosives combined with a deep love for all things beyond the reach of Earth’s atmosphere has led to my passion for rocketry.

My name is Joseph Mattingly, and I am a graduate of aerospace engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology (BS ’14, MS ’16).  So, yes, I am a rocket scientist.  My high power rocketry hobby is a not-as-expensive outlet for my passion for space-grade launch vehicles.  I currently work as a Propulsion Development Engineer for Blue Origin, so I get paid to build rocket engines!

Recently, my rocket fleet expanded from a collection of low power kits to include a self-designed and -built high power rocket.  My goal is to build bigger, more powerful rockets, but not at the exclusion of my low power collection.  I hold a National Association of Rocketry (NAR) and Tripoli (TRA) Level 2 High Power Rocket certification and have been working very slowly on a Level 3 certification since the fall of 2012.


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